Middle Java Developer

Would like to take middle java developer to our team to develop the server part of the services and information system modules of the universal exchange of the Russian Federation. The project is under rewriting to new technologies and microservices.

About the project:

Development of server part of services and modules of information system of universal exchange. Customer is from Russia. The project is under rewriting to new technologies and microservices.

Our Team:  The project employs several hundred people in small groups of 10 employees. Each team has its own team lead.

Project Work format:

  • remote work from home (if you wish, it is possible to organize work in the office)
  • project description in Confluence
  • setting of tasks in Jira
  • daily rallies at 11.15 Moscow time
  • language of communication in the project – Russian
  • project duration – Time Unlimited

Main tasks:

  • Develop Java 8/11 services and modules, including writing unit tests
  • Participate in service design and technology decision making
  • Create and update project documentation
  • Regularly inspect and analyze the source code
  • Participate in task scheduling and evaluation

What we expect from a candidate:

  • Java commercial development experience for at least two years
  • Strong knowledge of Java 8 + and basic standard library packages
  • Experience using DBMS to work with data, ability to make SQL queries
  • Experience with core Spring Framework and Spring Boot packages
  • Apache Maven Skills for Artifact Assembly and Publishing
  • Team development experience using git or other version control system
  • Interest in long-term cooperation on the project, including other exciting areas (preferably 3 years)

Will be a plus:

  • Technical English, at document reading level
  • Experience with Linux
  • Experience with Gitlab CI tools for continuous integration
  • Docker and Test containers skills


  • Formal employment
  • Stable payments to the bank card twice a month
  • Environmentally friendly atmosphere of communication and cooperation
  • Paid leave 25 calendar days
  • Open Free Control Style
  • Corporate English Courses

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