Business Automation Solutions: Custom VS Out-of-the-Box

Making accurate and timely judgments regarding the improvement of your firm’s performance is much sought after for the owners. However, selecting the appropriate business automation solutions might not be an easy choice to make.

It often boils down to the type of organization you run, the way it is processed, and the issues you want to resolve. One thing that remains clear is that planning to implement technological advances in your enterprise is undoubtedly useful.

Business Automation Workflow Solutions

Netflix is a noteworthy real-world example of a business automation workflow solutions that has demonstrated some extraordinary results. Some of its strategies have involved analyzing viewer preferences, watching patterns, and ratings using complex algorithms and robotic procedures.

The statistics prove the success of business process automation (BPA) since Netflix generated over 31.6 billion dollars in revenue overall in 2022, up from 3.6 billion dollars ten years earlier. The corporation has greatly increased its organizational efficiency, enhanced customer engagement, and claimed its leadership position in the streaming market by using this method in both content delivery systems and recommendation algorithms.

Thus, in this post, we will explore how you can achieve greater success as well by exploring off-the-shelf and tailored applications, highlighting their respective advantages and disadvantages, and helping you determine the best fit for your establishment.

Automated Workflow Solutions

When Should You Implement Workflow Automation Solutions?

Technology has been of great assistance to ventures in particular, and it has quickly become an essential part of their operations. Additionally, as time goes on, technology's broad features develop, opening up new avenues for growth. Over the course of the forecast period, the worldwide BPA market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 12.2%, from USD 9.8 billion in 2020 to USD 19.6 billion by 2026.

However, due to the quick advancement of technology, industries are now extremely competitive, so enterprises hardly have a chance in the fierce market without strategic planning and effective resource distribution.

Now, let's examine the issues and the ways in which BPA may help enterprises.

Issues with Legacy Systems and Newer Programs Integration

The ability of automated workflow solutions to link with both more modern apps and ancient systems through a unified corporate interface is one of their main advantages.

Many different apps operate in a single, complicated environment in most modern enterprises, but their complexity increases in tandem with the organization’s expansion.

That is when BPA comes into use and ensures that vital apps operate flawlessly together, including on-premises and cloud-based projects, as well as new and legacy programs.

Pricey Human Mistakes in a Manual System

As has always been the case, one of the most widespread causes of excessive expenditures for enterprises is common human mistakes, with their severity leading to increased costs. Especially when it comes to manual data entry, business process automation services will undoubtedly improve the efficiency, productivity, and speed of human-oriented activities, with decreased overall operating expenses as a result.

Manual Compilation and Reporting Takes a Long Time

Since data transfer in companies is often done manually, it leads to tedious and lengthy processes and potential human errors. An advanced workflow automation solution can replace this tedious process by roboticizing reporting, filing, and documenting tasks. Specifically for medical facilities, EMR software development is able to manage documents, compile them, and store them in the required places, all within a click of a button.  

At CleverDev Software, we created and optimized a special healthcare ERP system for our client's network of healthcare providers. The new feature, which also improved integration possibilities, allowed for scalability, and helped the patient base increase by 200% in only two years, fundamentally overhauled the company's procedures.

Ineffective Customer Service

The inherent aspects of the growth and reputation of a company are always linked to the satisfaction of its customers. Low-quality services, such as receiving complaints, insufficient information, or problem-solving, can lead to ineffective operations. To address this issue, BPM software can be integrated with existing interfaces, reducing the workload on the team.

For example, MSC Industrial Supply Corporation reduced the number of branch office locations and installed virtual support centers in their place. The corporation integrated its smartphone system in the 2010s, allowing service representatives to communicate with clients nationwide rather than only at branch locations. As a result, more than 60% of MSC's almost $4 billion in yearly revenues now come from eCommerce.

Thus, an automated workflow solution can become a solid foundation for your organization’s high-level performance, allowing for self-operating calls and emails and enabling people to ask questions without any issues.

Obstacles to the Growth of the Company

As ventures expand rapidly, they often face challenges handling the increasing complexity of tasks and procedures. As a company's growth exceeds its resource capacity, traditional means become insufficient, necessitating the implementation of automated business solutions to boost productivity and streamline operations. Outdated methods may lead to employee incompetence and resource limitations, complicating the administration of a swiftly evolving enterprise. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable custom software development company, CleverDev Software is the best choice for this task. Our bespoke warehouse inventory monitoring system significantly increased our client's work efficiency by double and reduced labor expenses by over 1/3. Moreover, we achieved 95% inventory accuracy and a 75% decrease in stockouts due to RFID technology and temperature control.

Customer Service Workflow Automation

Custom Workflow Automation

When you decide to make serious changes in your company and take the productivity of your work to another level, you might face the dilemma of which kind of development to choose. The answer is that it depends strictly on your specific corporation's needs and pain points. There comes a point where a company's internal processes demand more than what standard platforms can offer, and that’s when specialized advancement tailored to your unique operations becomes essential. To help you make the right decision, let’s discuss all the nuances of this option.


Custom workflow automation solutions offer a range of benefits to organizations seeking to streamline their processes, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity.

  • Cost-effectiveness Implementing a bespoke operating system is a great investment in the long run that saves enough money over time. Therefore, even if the average cost of software development can be significant, it ensures that all required parts are easily accessible, saving time and effort on the hunt for workable instruments.
  • Scalability Since software custom solutions and integrations are easier to scale, you can add additional features and processes as your organization expands. Its scalability characteristic guarantees that it will continue to be a reliable tool without the need for regular replacements very soon.
  • Improved Productivity Bespoke integrations may enhance internal and external data collection processes, resulting in higher overall efficiency within the establishment. Implementing a personalized approach ensures that everything works smoothly and without interruptions.
  • Absolute Ownership & Direct Engagement Another absolute advantage is that the program belongs entirely to your firm, granting full control. In addition, direct interaction with the professional team ensures swift updates and eradicates delays related to feature requests.


While custom workflow automation solutions offer various benefits, it's essential to be aware of potential drawbacks and challenges associated with their implementation.

  • Duration of Time-to-Market When comparing out-of-the-box vs. custom software, the last one usually takes longer to design, which might cause delays in product launches or deployment schedules.
  • Reliance on an Expert Technical Team Selecting trustworthy and competent technical staff can be a challenge. Besides, a team that is overworked or behind schedule might potentially encounter challenges, which would prolong the integration process.
  • Overbuilding Risk Sometimes over-engineering by creating unique integrations for each component carries a risk. This approach might eventually make things needlessly complicated and make it harder to deal with several integrations.
Benefits of Custom Software

Out-of-the-Box BPA Development

In certain corporate settings, the off-the-shelf option could be successfully integrated into already-existing functionalities. However, it is important to carefully weigh the many aspects that are in line with the unique requirements and objectives of a firm when thinking about a ready-made alternative. To get a full picture of this variant, let’s consider the following important factors.


Out-of-the-box Business Process Automation (BPA) development offers several advantages that make it a reasonable choice for some organizations.  

  • Easy Implementation You can build and modify customer service workflow automation without a significant dependence on development teams due to low-code tools, which require little technical knowledge.
  • Accessibility This is the most affordable program that has fixed functionality and is compatible with a wide range of enterprises. Due to the fact that expenses are dispersed over a large user base, it will require fewer financial expenditures.
  • Integrated Support and Updates It frequently comes with support and updates built in, which lessens the need for a development team to always be involved in keeping the program current.


Out-of-the-box Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions, while convenient and widely used, also come with certain drawbacks and limitations.

  • Limited Customization and Hidden Costs Despite having a reduced initial cost, this operating system frequently has ongoing costs for upgrades, installation, support, upkeep, license fees, and customization that might outweigh the price of tailored options. Furthermore, there may be restrictions on customization possibilities or significant related expenditures.
  • Unwanted Features and Complications It frequently comes with extra capabilities that can slow down and complicate processes while charging for functions that aren't used.
  • Misalignment with Established Processes Established business process automation solutions within a company might not seamlessly integrate with most from out-of-the-box, requiring adjustments and employee training. This, in turn, leads to increased costs and a slowdown in production.
  • Contrary Security and Technological Features Since it is meant for a broader user base, it may have security and technology that run counter to local company regulations or internal corporate policies. This might lead to disagreements or compliance problems.

Which One to Choose?

The optimal choice will depend on both your company's specific needs and those of the industry. While each approach has its own set of advantages and drawbacks, if your aim is to outpace competitors or if your company deals with tasks such as scheduling, managing complex contracts, and report submissions, opting for a tailored operating system stands as the most favorable course of action.

If you are seeking a holistic strategy to address your unique problems, our experts are dedicated to working directly with you to provide a comprehensive strategy for your enterprise. Contact us now to get customized web development from our team of specialists.  

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