Education Software Development Services

CleverDev Software is a web development company serving bespoke software solutions.

Along with hardware, software is the most important component of information technology. It includes computer programs and data designed to solve a certain range of tasks. The data is stored on machine media.

Education development services provide systems that offer opportunities for acquiring knowledge. It also allows getting skills necessary to meet school or university needs.

According to their goals, the services include three types. The first type is professional services. They are focused on the needs of the labor market and related to the reproduction of the labor force. The social ones are focused on the buildout of organizations and social communities. The last type is socio-cultural services. They cover the needs of human progress.

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Education Software Development Services

Custom education software development services aim at creating platforms to implement learning goals. They create various types of systems. For example, they include online language learning applications, classroom management groupware, and others. The purpose of the platforms is to increase the efficiency of teaching.

The main types of educational platforms include:

laptop and hands

Custom education software development provides:

15 Years

of automating business processes

Private Rooms

for unmatched confidence

Small Mid-sized

Business solutions

Industries We Work With

CleverDev offers such programs as design creation, back-end development and front-end development, website maintenance and hosting, and logo and graphic identity. It also deals with custom graphics and support. We also work with the following industries:

part of code

Who Are CleverDev?

CleverDev is an education software development company with advanced solutions. The organization provides individual help and personal support from the team. We do not only customize the solutions to your problems. We develop a program advancing strategy together with you. The company offers access to a private room to control the processes and fix errors in time.

We offer complex program upgrades with meeting the deadlines and exercising operations. CleverDev creates an environment that allows solving the most challenging problems. That is why it makes pedagogy more efficient.

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