Custom Claims Management Software Development

The Better Way to Handle Claims

Traditional claim management solutions such as claims manuals leave your company vulnerable to market conduct fines and lead to potential missteps across touchpoints. Our custom claims management software will help you achieve claims compliance, drive a unified claims experience, and expedite the claim resolving process.

Claims Management Software

Custom Claims Management Software Optimized for Fast Response

Claims management is a complex process with multiple stakeholders, decision points, and variables that might stretch claim settlement time. Custom solutions for claim management are designed specifically to weed out inefficiencies in the process and bring insurers closer to a standardized and error-free workflow.

Reduce the duration and cost of claims handling
Gain full and detailed audit trails to facilitate compliance
Adopt Straight Through Processing to streamline the process across touchpoints
Detect and prevent claims leakage through process automation
Make the claims experience more transparent for claimants, agents, and adjusters
Turn claims data into actionable insights to grow your business

Healthcare Case Handling Software That Works the Way You Do

When performing case management tasks, you want to use a software system that supports your workflow, stores all information in a centralized location and has an easy-to-use interface.

Case Management Software for Mental Health

Our Claims Management Solutions Have Got You Covered

Our team maps the unique processes and best practices of your company to incorporate it all into a tailored solution with smart automations for smooth claims handling.


Reduction of claims cycle times


Reduction of touchpoints


Reduction in total cost of risk

Claims Processing Systems Built with Your Business in Mind

Our team maps the unique processes and best practices of your company to incorporate it all into a tailored solution with smart automations for smooth claims handling.

Insurance Companies

Our claims management systems minimize your issues connected with claims, pricing, and overall management of insurance policies.

Healthcare Providers

We work with global healthcare providers, helping them streamline the medical claims process and enable seamless communication with insurance companies.  

Self-Insured Organizations

With our claims software, you can choose how to manage your claims and risks. Advance processes and achieve consistency your self-administered organization needs.  

Third-Party Administrators & Insurance Claims Adjusters

With 365-degree claims management capability, our solutions help your company automate claims handling to the full and connect directly with insurance carriers for resolution.  

Our Claims Management Solutions Have Got You Covered

Our team builds claims processing software that introduces automation into the core aspects of your claims management process and creates a holistic, all-in-one ecosystem for front- and back-office operations.

With smart fraud detection mechanisms and validation rules, our insurance claims management software ensures fast and accurate claim validation with minimum manual input.

  • Digital FNOLs and automated data extraction
  • Smart claim triaging using predictive analytics
  • AI-powered claim validation and rule-based auto-adjudication
  • AI-supported claim fraud detection

Putting off a decision just prolongs the case and increases the cost of the claim. Let our claims system do the heavy part for your handlers — through decision automation and rule-based claim approval.

  • A predefined approval flow
  • AI-powered claim decisioning

Your consumers expect settlement times and communication to be fast, personal, and precise. Our claim processing software helps you live up to the expectation and streamline settlement timelines by 80%.

  • Automated submission triaging through a scoring system  
  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Automated claim payments
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics

Eliminate the documentation chaos and go from manual to automated with our claim management system that supports your paper-based processes. We also help you centralize your data to make reporting fast and reliable.

  • Letter and document generation
  • Pre-built and customized reports
  • Analytical and operational reporting
  • Scheduled and ad hoc report submission  

Our claim management software makes your business customer-first, allowing you to establish personalized and transparent communications with policyholders and claimants via channels of choice.

  • Collaboration features (chat, audio, video)
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Virtual assistants and chatbots
  • Knowledge base and customer portal integration
Product Claims Management Software

Our Claim Management Company Builds Software Based on the Latest Tech

Automating your claims handling will not deliver the transformation you need unless you maximize the potential of that automation. Our team applies the latest and greatest tech to make sure you squeeze out the most of your healthcare claims management software.

From analytics to chatbots, the most competitive capabilities of insurance software are cloud-enabled. Our developers build your solutions as cloud-native, allowing them to scale easily and deliver value to all stakeholders, wherever they are.

  • Activate efficient data analysis and risk scoring
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Connect your team with field inspectors
  • Rapidly deploy new and emerging use cases  

Following the microservices approach, we create a distributed system built up from multiple, API-enabled modules. This architecture allows for easier software maintenance, faster time-to-market, and easier troubleshooting.

  • Connect to a new third party faster and easier
  • Sidestep complex monolithic structures  
  • Unlock opportunities for new revenue and distribution channels
  • Accelerate development and maintenance efforts

Leverage the data generated by connected devices — whether it’s cars, wearables, or commercial lines — to predict and prevent risks, offer wider coverage, and improve your insurance rating model.

  • Increase accuracy of claims with metric-based IoT data  
  • Hit higher marks in customer satisfaction through real-time monitoring
  • Enable remediation monitoring and confirmation
  • Implement automated FNOLs through telematics

With claims-specific dashboards and advanced analytics mechanisms, our software allows you to grasp all the intelligence possible from your claims data. Allocate resources smarter, personalize the process for your customers, and predict the risk for underwriting.

  • Allocate optimal resources and prevent under-reserving
  • See the big picture to mitigate costs
  • Benchmark against unique metrics
  • Locate sleeper claims for timely intervention
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Go Beyond Claims Case Management Software with Our Full-Cycle Services

With a team of 50+ software development experts, we support companies throughout the entire digital transformation, fundamentally changing how your business operates.


How Our Claim Management Company Develops Software for Insurance

Work with us and you’ll see your business vision come to life faster than you’ve expected. We start with the necessary minimum and work our way up, with all incentives structured and planned around your business outcomes.


  • Translating your business vision into technical requirements
  • Creating software requirements specification
  • Identifying relevant regulations
  • Analyzing project scope and risks  


  • Feature selection and prioritization
  • Roadmap planning with a draft schedule  
  • Designing architecture and selecting technologies
  • Budget planning and ROI calculation


  • User journey mapping and UI/UX design
  • Iterative software development informed by analysis and design
  • Conducting 360-degree software testing
  • Setting up the necessary integrations

Evolve and Support

  • Upkeep and troubleshooting  
  • Regular monitoring of the solution’s health  
  • Delivering updates and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Planning and implementing new features

Product Claims Management Software that Pays Off

Underpinned by your business objectives, our solutions optimize the claims process from intake to final settlement and make it easy for both your team and customers to become a part of this process.

Automate Where It Really Matters

Just because software allows us to automate the entire claims process doesn’t mean it can cover every claim. Our solutions are built with the ‘human in the loop’ approach that balances personal approach with digital automation — so you can provide personal touch where you need it.

Claims Management Software

Standardize Processes

No more toggling between different systems and time-consuming claim submission customization for each claimant. Thanks to multiple integrations, our claim management automation solutions serve as a nexus for claimants, insurers, brokers, and other stakeholders and introduce uniform SOPs throughout.

Claim Management Company Software

Optimize Processing Time and Operational Costs

Inefficient claims management processes have an impact on both the top and bottom lines by increasing the cost of handling claims. With medical claims management software, you obtain the combination of data visibility and automated processes that enhance the effectiveness of operational activities and optimize your costs.

Claims Management System

Improve Policyholder Experience

A single sour claims experience can cost you a long-term customer. Our custom solutions minimize the risks of negative customer experience by offering your clients unmatched transparency into the claims process, instant access to critical claims information, and real-time interaction with insurers.

Insurance Claims Management Software

Why Choose CleverDev as Your Claims Software Development Company

Along with a proven track record of insurance software projects, our company has the technical chops and proven delivery frameworks to build solutions that up the ante.

Custom Web Application Company

We’re a Partner — Not a Vendor

We provide continuous support for our projects, making sure you have everything in place to achieve your goals. Our experts also write comprehensive documentation and user manuals to make sure your employees make a smooth transition to a new solution.  

It’s Not Done Until It Delivers Value

We measure project success by the results you get — backed by solid numbers. Our goal is to fully meet your needs and objectives possible, whether it be cost reduction, process optimization, or eliminating billing lags.

Meeting Compliance Regulations

Our developers know how to meet compliance regulations, including HIPAA, IFRS17, CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, NYDFS, and others without compromising the quality of your solutions.  

Offering Flexibility — Not a Standardized Approach

Each project is unique, and it needs a different recipe to bear fruit. From hiring options to project management to tech stacks, our experts select a unique blend of technologies and frameworks that work specifically for your company.

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