Database Software Development for Healthcare

From Data Siloed to Data Structured

Tap into our custom database software development services to gain a single, pane-of-glass view of integrated patient and medical data stored in your custom healthcare systems. As your healthcare development partner, CleverDev Software helps break down your data silos and create consolidated, compliant, and secure medical database software.

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What Is a Healthcare Database?

From overwhelming amounts of information to fragmented data, healthcare professionals have a hard time bringing data management in order. Our company engineers healthcare databases that promote standard record keeping, democratize access to data and facilitate easy exchange of data between departments and facilities.

Enhance care quality
Improve privacy and security of patient data
Achieve a unified patient view
Gain insights into the operations of other healthcare sites
Facilitate predictive disease detection
Elevate health planning and decision-making

Medical Database Software for All Types of Care Providers

We understand the importance of databases in your healthcare practice and make sure your unique needs are heard and met in full.


Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Our healthcare databases address your complex data management needs, including integration with various departments, specialized workflows, and data compliance.


Specialized Clinics and Practices

Whether you’re a dermatology, cardiology, or orthopedics professional, you need a custom database solution to improve care coordination, client interaction, and workflow efficiency.


Diagnostic Imaging Centers

We build data solutions for radiology or medical imaging centers to help them organize large volumes of image data, integrate with PACS systems, and support efficient reporting.



Your complex testing processes need a reliable database solution that excels at managing sample tracking, test results, quality control data, and compliance with regulatory standards.


Pharmaceutical Companies

Our data management solutions support pharma companies in running efficient drug development processes by systematizing clinical trial data and ensuring compliance.


Telehealth and Telemedicine Providers

Uplift the quality of your remote care delivery by integrating medical patient database software that enables easy data exchange and healthcare integration.


Home Healthcare Agencies

Designed specifically for in-home medical services, our data management solutions bring patient data, sensor data, scheduling, and caregiver assignments under one roof.


Medical Device Manufacturers

Track product development, quality control, regulatory compliance, and post-market surveillance data from a single, self-explanatory interface.


Health Insurance Providers

Our HIPAA-compliant healthcare data management systems allow you to easily track member information, monitor claims processing, and manage end-to-end life cycle policies.

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Health Research Institutions

Our medical research database software makes it easy to maintain high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound research data and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Types of Healthcare Database Solutions We Develop

CleverDev Software builds a wide range of secure, well-optimized database systems that get your data house in order and achieve your quadruple aim.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Empower your business with a custom EHR system that fits the narrow focus of your specialty practice. Immunization dates, family dynamics, customizable security settings, and other advanced features make our custom EHR a perfect solution for your needs.

Practice Management Software

Tame the wild animal that is healthcare data and streamline administrative and financial tasks within your healthcare practice. Our PMS systems are all-in-one solutions that replace medical billing software, claim processing solutions, and appointment scheduling apps.

Hospital Information System (HIS)

Our developers link patient, clinical, administrative, and financial data into a complete HIS solution. Built with interoperability in mind, our HIS software streamlines data exchange between legacy and third-party health systems.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Systems

Being a data powerhouse, our HIE systems enable easy, fast, and secure exchange of vital medical information. We build HIE solutions based on three major types of exchange, including directed exchange, query-based exchange, and consumer-mediated exchange.

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

Healthcare requires decisions to be made and policies to be set out each day. Equipped with artificial intelligence, analytics, and IoT, our CDSS supports HCPs in a variety of tasks - from drug control to diagnostic support to cost optimization.

Radiology Information System (RIS)

Automate patient scheduling, enable image tracking and facilitate resource management with a custom RIS solution. Our software integrates easily with Picture Archiving and Communication Systems and takes care of compliance management.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Our custom LIMS solutions allow you to manage your lab more effectively and coordinate the circulation of laboratory information, data, instruments, and workflows. With features like QA/QC management, and reporting, our LIMS increases the efficiency of your lab.

Pharmacy Management Software

We build a multi-functional tool with built-in drug dispensing, claims management, inventory tracking, and other functionality relevant to your daily operations. On demand, our developers supplement your PMS software with clinical data exchange modules.

Telemedicine Platforms

To be a leader in the industry, you need to push the boundaries of conventional care delivery. Our telemedicine software puts you ahead of the competition and gives you the tools you need to bring care outside the traditional settings.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

From IoT healthcare solutions to health recovery solutions to all-in-one RPM platforms, our company creates a variety of RPM solutions that improve care through data, supercharge chronic disease management, and improve patient data security.

Manage Your Medical Data, Wherever You Are

Along with building scalable medical database software, our developers build a web- or mobile-based interface to interact with the database and manage data.

Web Application

Our web applications facilitate viewing, searching, and changing data in your data management solution while also automating reporting and analytics.

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Mobile Application

On demand, our developers create mobile apps to go with your database so your patients and employees can access important data on the go.

Transform Your Healthcare Business With the Right Data Tool

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Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Our Range of Database Development Services

CleverDev Software is a tech partner of choice for global healthcare businesses on their way to innovation and transformation.

Custom Healthcare Systems Consulting
Healthcare Data Management Software Development
Healthcare Integrations
Support and Maintenance
Application Enhancement and Growth

Our Compliance Expertise

You can always count on us to make sure your product is compliant with all legal and industry requirements.


Data encryption, backups, user-based access, and account authentication are just a few security measures we put in place to make your app HIPAA-compliant.


We build GDPR-compliant applications with clear data processing mechanisms, robust data protection strategies, and other safeguards required by the regulation.


Our team prepares detailed documentation for premarket approval submission and ensures compliance with all relevant regulations.

Develop Custom Healthcare Systems on Terms that Fit Your Needs

We at CleverDev Software know that no project is the same. That’s why we offer a variety of collaboration options that account for your unique requirements.

Fixed Price

With an established budget, predefined deadline, and transparent deliverables, our Fixed Price model gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on your core processes.

Time & Material

Flexibility within the project scope and pay-as-you-go pricing model are a great fit for long-term projects with evolving requirements and an undefined vision.

Budget with Float Scope (BFS)

For projects with a well-defined vision but a limited budget, we offer the BFS model that tests the feasibility of your project and gives your product the initial traction.


We provide a dedicated team of developers in the capacity of full-time employees to bridge your expertise gaps and accelerate the delivery of your product.

Flip Your Medical Data Burden into a Data Boon

A custom database application is fundamentally different from off-the-shelf solutions and in a good way.

Tailored to Your Unique Needs

No canned solution is fine-tuned to the specific requirements of your practice. We design our custom software to fit your healthcare workflows like a glove.

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Enhanced Data Security

No matter how strict your compliance requirements are, our healthcare database solutions allow you to implement robust security measures tailored to your specific needs.

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Better interoperability

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, our healthcare applications integrate seamlessly with your internal infrastructure, allowing for uninterrupted data flows and consistent decisions.

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Cost Efficiency

With a tailor-made application, you don’t have to spend money on expensive workarounds. You also benefit from ongoing support and maintenance provided by our developers.

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Why Is CleverDev Software Your Top Database Application Company?

We guide tech decisions toward what you truly need instead of simply delivering a misguided product.

Custom Web Application Company

Healthcare-Focused Company

Our domain knowledge allows us to broaden your way of thinking and bring a unique perspective to your application idea.

Proficiency in Medical Data Standards

We are well-versed in common healthcare standards such as HL7, ICD-10, CPT, XDS/XDS-I, FHIR, and DICOM.

Fast Kick-Off and Development

Our developers build your application in short iterations, which allows them to produce fully functional deliverables faster and with higher quality.


We don’t limit your vision with a particular set of technologies, we adapt, bend, and respond to the unique challenges of your project.

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