Tailored Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions Development

Go from Tedious to One-Click

Our custom healthcare reimbursement solutions help healthcare providers tackle the challenges of managing reimbursement schedules, denials, and billing codes. Automate payment process workflows, identify underpayments, and simplify fee-for-value reimbursements — all within a single healthcare reimbursement software.

Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions

Remove Your Bottlenecks with Our Medical Reimbursement Solutions

If poorly managed, revenue cycles can negatively impact your healthcare organization's bottom line. With our medical reimbursement applications, you can eliminate the complexities of managing billing, efficiently handle claims, and set up the foundations for a well-run practice.

Optimize revenue by minimizing payment delays
Streamline the coding process through a standardized set of medical codes  
Minimize manual input and reduce staff hours dedicated to billing tasks
Integrate reimbursements with existing payroll or HR processes
Improve patient experience by having easy payment workflows in place
Get rid of bulky and vulnerable paper records

Healthcare Reimbursement Software Tailor-Made for Your Needs

Unlike canned solutions, our custom healthcare reimbursement solutions are based on the unique requirements of your specialty.

In-Patient Care Providers

Our solutions help PCPs and other providers increase the accuracy of coding and clinical documentation and maximize claim payments.

Out-Patient Care Providers

We make sure no unexpected denials or lengthy appeals leave your medical providers and necessary services uncompensated.  

Telehealth and Digital Health

Simplify the process of obtaining home health care reimbursement and virtual care services through automated workflows and denial prevention tools.

Extra Coverage

Built around optimized workflows, our reimbursement software enables you to manage extra coverage like dental, prescription drugs, and more.

The Architecture of Our Custom Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions

Any error in your revenue cycle can halt reimbursement in healthcare. Thanks to holistic automation, our custom solutions allow for fast and transparent identification, management, and collection of patient service revenue.

Healthcare Reimbursement

Our Custom Medical Reimbursement Solutions Have Got It All

Equipped with smart features and integration capabilities, our solutions allow you to manage validation, claims, and ERA in one place. The result is a powerhouse system that enables you to manage the entire payment cycle from a single database.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Our software reduces the risk of rejected claims and speeds up revenue cycles by automatically collecting and verifying the demographic and insurance details of your patients.

  • Integration with your PM/EHR systems
  • Automated updates of patient accounts
  • Declined coverage notifications
  • Automated batch and manual real-time submission  
Healthcare Reimbursement Models

Automated Medical Coding

Supported by AI features, our reimbursement solutions take the stress out of coding compliance, leading to better cash flow, fewer A/R days, and consistent code assignments.

  • Coding automation for ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS  
  • Integration with electronic health record systems
  • Real-time audits
  • Advanced analytics on physicians and medical coders
Healthcare Reimbursement Account

Automated CDI Management

We design our reimbursement solutions to be fast and effective in processing your clinical documentation. Navigate changing healthcare reimbursement methods and regulations without drowning in paperwork.

  • Automation and analytics-based CDI management
  • Improved communication capabilities
  • Real-time sync of clinical notes
  • CDI reporting
Home Health Care Reimbursement

Claims Processing and Management

Half of the reimbursement success lies in effective claims management. Our software transforms your claims processing workflow into an efficient, one-click, and error-free effort.

  • Claims scrubbing and submission
  • Predictive analytics for fraud detection
  • Claims tracking and denial management
  • Integrated remittance processing
Reimbursement in Healthcare

Integration with Insurers and Clearinghouses

Our developers set up integrations with payors and clearinghouses to accelerate billing cycles and enable information exchange through a single, secure network.

  • Advanced EDI X12 integration  
  • Easy online claims correction
  • Integration with multiple clearinghouses  
  • Automated denial and appeal workflows
Healthcare Reimbursement Methods

Insurance Contract Management

Our reimbursement software takes all the hassle out of tracking and managing payer contracts by streamlining the entire contract lifecycle and facilitating compliance with regulations.

  • Electronic signature integrations
  • Standardized contract management workflows
  • Automated location of non-compliance instances
  • Custom reporting features
Types of Reimbursement in Healthcare

Our Healthcare Reimbursement Software Development Process

We build your software in small iterations, perfecting each functionality until it fully meets the needs of your employees.

Project Kick-Off

We establish common goals and the purpose of the project and see how your new digital solution aligns with your business needs and tech limitations.

  • Business research
  • High-level project requirements
  • Proof of Concept
  • Tech stack selection


We decide on the scope, budget, and timeline of the project, map out project development, and identify an optimal project development approach.

  • Project specification
  • Compliance roadmap
  • High-level delivery schedule  
  • Risk identification


Our experts create a user-friendly software design and map out user journeys to create an intuitive, easy-to-use UX tailored to the needs of your employees.

  • Architecture design
  • User interaction analysis
  • User interfaces
  • Prototyping

Development and Testing

We develop software in 2–4-week iterations, set up necessary integrations, and validate the security of your system through comprehensive testing.  

  • MVP development
  • Internal integrations and third-party integrations
  • Compliance pre-audit
  • Medical software testing

Care and Support

Once the solution is released into its target environment, we continuously monitor its performance, conduct fixes, and supplement it with new features.

  • Employee adoption support
  • System maintenance
  • Continuous support
  • User training

Software That Optimizes Processes within Your Healthcare Reimbursement Model

You don’t have to spend days tracking down the payments your team worked hard to earn. Connect with our company to build solutions that close the loop between clinical care and revenue and pave the way for value-based care reimbursement.

End-to-End Automation

With AI-enabled automation, our software improves your reimbursement turnaround times, minimizes errors, and cuts the effort spent on claims handling and payment tracking.

Healthy Cash Flows

Automated billing minimizes the risk of denials and ensures the accuracy of claims. This translates into more revenue flowing into your center, improving your balance sheets.

Patient Satisfaction

Our automation solutions place the focus on quality care, deliver a transparent payment experience, and put your patient at the center of all healthcare workflows.

Expanded Business Reach

Our medical billing software does the heavy lifting of payment management, while you can focus on acquiring and retaining your patient community.

CleverDev Software is Your Go-To Partner for Healthcare Projects

Security, agility, and quality — we know what matters the most for your reimbursement software projects. Thanks to our calibrated delivery models, we can execute your vision — on time and within your budget.

Our healthcare software is built on a solid foundation that meets the data standards in healthcare and complies with HIPAA, HL7, ISO 13485, and other regulations.

From dedicated development to task-based, we offer a variety of engagement models, helping providers shift to optimized processes with less investment.

Our developers employ the latest reimbursement technologies for healthcare to make sure your solutions grow in lockstep with your practice without being held back by rigid structures.

We guarantee smooth integration workflows between our software and your internal systems such as EHR, ERP, and others. Our solutions also seamlessly integrate with third-party systems.

CleverDev Software gears you up with the tools to implement and bill for CCM codes while removing the drudgery of manual data tracking. We deliver turnkey healthcare practice management solutions that turn the complex flow of billing management into a flexible and automated digital path.

We follow an iterative development path to mitigate the risk of new software delivery, reduce development costs, and increase the odds of your technology investment paying off.

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